Get rid of excess pounds with zero effort and feel full of energy for an active life!

Try Ritual tea, and you will love it from the first sip!

Price - $24.95

Helps to control

Reduces stress &

Enables body detox

Caffeine and gluten-free

How Ritual tea helps you maintain
a healthy weight

No hunger late at night

A cup of tea in the evening
will help suppress appetite,
therefore making late night
cravings a thing of the past!

Zero calories

Despite being able to eliminate
hunger, Ritual tea contains
almost no calories and helps
you maintain a healthy lifestyle

Reduces Stress

Another remarkable feature
of buckwheat tea is its ability to
eliminate irritation and anxiety
that can cause emotional eating

Great alternative to coffee

By drinking Ritual tea regularly,
you will want to ditch your coffee
routine, thereby staying healthy
and protecting your nervous system

Unique properties of The Ritual tea

Excellent flavor that satisfies your cravings

You are sure to appreciate the exceptional flavor of buckwheat tea that can easily substitute any sweet beverage


You can drink Ritual tea before going to bed with no concerns about the soundness of your sleep

Environmentally friendly

We don’t use tea bags, in order to take care of your health and the environment.

Do you want to get rid
of excess pounds?

Ritual tea will make
your weight-loss program
a true breeze

Who benefits the most from Ritual tea

Many people love Ritual tea for its unique flavor and the aroma
that reminds them of fresh baked oatmeal cookies!


Those who wish to boost their
energy and feel stronger

Not only will buckwheat tea help
you get rid of bad habits but also
make you feel more active


Healthy lifestyle adepts

Ritual tea contains only nutritious
ingredients and will help you avoid
too much sugar in your diet


People under chronic stress

Ritual tea enables recovering
from nervous tensions without
stress eating


Getting Fit

Drink this tea on a regular basis,
and any weight-loss program
(including intermittent fasting) will
become easier and more efficient

Order 2 packs of Ritual tea
and get a steel tea spoon with
a strainer free

Take care of your health, while
taking care of the environment

Retail price of the tea spoon – $10

Other Health Benefits of Ritual Tea

Buckwheat tea not only helps you lose weight but offers other health benefits


Boosts the body’s immune

Ritual tea helps resist numerous
illnesses by invigorating your
body and filling it with extra energy
and strength


Eliminates toxins

The Ritual tea aids the body
in getting rid of extra toxins
by helping you get rid of excess


Corrects Vitamin B1 and B2

A cup of tea a day will help you
avoid premature skin ageing and
muscle weakness


Improves work performance

Undisturbed sleep and reducing
stress will make your work more

Thousands of consumers have already substituted their usual tea
and coffee with Ritual buckwheat tea!

Join us and let each of your cups of tea be filled with vital energy!

How to prepare Ritual Tea


Scoop a small quantity
of tea with a branded spoon
and put it into a cup


Fill the cup with boiling


Enjoy your tea as
soon as it steeps to a deep
golden color


Let the tea brew for at least
3 minutes

Drink 2-3 cups of buckwheat tea a day, and
you will see results within just a week!

What our customers have to say:

Exactly what I was looking for

I tried this tea because I heard a lot about buckwheat healthy properties. I bought one pack and it lasted me a month. At first I was the only family member to drink it and then my daughter joined me. This tea has a wonderful soft flavor. But the main thing is that it takes hunger away for up to two hours, which helps a lot during intermittent fasting. Now I’m sure I won’t mess up my diet because of sugar cravings

Leeds, AL

Exceptional and Healthy!

Delicious tea that smells like cookies. One day I forgot to wash my cup after having my tea and couldn’t figure out what that nice flavor was coming from. And it turned out to be dried tea drops in my cup! Great flavor indeed


My sweet tooth no longer wins, It makes cutting cravings out easy!

A spoon with a strainer is really helpful when making this tea since there are no tea bags. And I was surprised that my husband loved this tea too. We’ve long tried to eat less sweet stuff so now a cup of tea before going to bed helps us avoid excess calories. And who’d have thought that it’s delicious too!

San Diego, Ca

Gluten and caffeine-free

I don’t know how they do this but this tea tastes really good. It’s probably some special roasting technique. I buy this tea to avoid drinking coffee. By the way, I also heard that it’s gluten-free because buckwheat is not a grain. For me it’s very important

Bremerton, WA

What if we told you we found
a seamless way to lose weight
by simply combating hunger?

Once you order Ritual Tea,
counting calories will be a
thing of the past.

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